Help, Instructions and Howtos

Using GoIP without router

Here you can find some common GoIP setups. Make sure you have a working internet connection and you registered successfully on the GoIP home page.

Linuxserver DSL
Python script
Update Windows Powershell
Update Raspberry Pi

DSL- / LTE- / Cablerouter

A lot of routers support dyndns services out of the box and only need some values to be entered. The configuration often is often located in the routers administration panel under keywords like DDNS, DynDNS, Dynamic IP or similar. In most cases you will need the update url described in the FAQ.

Please:: If you successfully installed GoIP in your router, I would be happy to get some screenshots for illustrating these help pages. Just send them by email.

Centro Business 2
Cisco Router
Congstar Komplett, Speedport W503V
DD-WRT Linksys
Digitalisierungsbox Premium (Telekom)
DLink DSR-250N
Dovado Tiny
Eumex 300IP
Fritzbox 6490 Cable
Fritzbox 7170
Fritzbox 7270
Fritzbox 7490
FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7390
FritzBox DSL 6360
Speedport W501V, Speedport W502V, Speedport W920V
Speedport Hybrid
Speedport Smart 4, Speedport W925V
Teltonika RUT230
Router mit Tomato-Firmware
TP-Link Archer VR200v
Ubiquiti Unifi Dream Machine Pro
Ubiquiti Unifi UDM pro
Ubiquiti Unifi USG
Vigor DrayTek 2860
ZyXEL Speedlink 5501

I would like to extend these pages and need your help. As you can imagine I am not able to setup all kinds of routers you can buy. So if you have suggestions, screenshots or a description I would be glad to receive an email from you.